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A Few of Many 'purrr-rufffs' From Pets and Parents!

Testimonials - Kudos

Steve B & Deborah W and Emma, Sailor, Teddy


Bonnie, thanks for the lovely photo of Emma – one of the best we have of her!  She doesn’t often smile like that, but then we know she’s a big fan of yours!  You have given us a great gift – never having to worry about our little dogs when we are away, going above and beyond in caring for them.  Thank you so much!

Cathy & Chip H & Callie Lou


 Want to let you know we are moving back to Phoenix next week.  Would you consider moving with us??  Don’t know if I trust anyone with Callie but you!  Thank you so much for the time you spent with her – am certain she’ll miss her Auntie Bonnie.

Pam G and kitties Grey, Missy, Blue, Little


Not only does Bonnie treat her clients'  pets as though they were her own, she    will always make them feel extra comfortable when they are missing their families. She additionally makes sure our home is buttoned up and safe. Clearly I highly recommend her!

Regina & Sam J & Altair, mintaka forest jade, Bali Hai, black Moor


Thank you ever so much for all you’ve done for our family.  You were an angel sent by the Cat Doctor.  I just don’t know how I could have made my life work without your help.  The 'loves’ will all miss you and I’ll miss your friendship & caring nature.


2 dogs

 Thanks again as always.  It is so comforting to know that our pups are in good hands when we go away.  Your kindness and loyalty never goes unappreciated!  The girls said they needed more Bonnie time, so here ya go!



Hi Bonnie, want to thank you for making your notes about VanGogh’s weight and potty.  We took him to the vet and he has an overactive thyroid.  We are on medication and the vet is confident that she can control it.  We appreciate your concern and bringing that to our attention.

PawsWatch Pet-bits

2 cats

SO your pets NEVER LOSE YOU!

The odds of a lost pet never being returned to you is a high 90% ! With the 'unforeseen' lurking around us it is never too late to MICROCHIP any pet at any age. Simply an inexpensive injection between the shoulder blades that pets don't feel. Located at all shelters, rescue groups, and vet clinics, ID scanners will then be able to identify your lost pet.

dog and cat


T​he safest place for your pets will be WITH YOU... no matter what.

  1. Prepare a list of pet-friendly lodges & their policies, and preferred pet boarding facilities as back-up. Remember! Red Cross shelters only accept Service Animals.
  2. You may not be home when disaster strikes, so ALWAYS safeguard your pets by placing an Emergency Pet Decal visible at the front of your residence. Indicate how many pets inside need to be saved.  PawsWatch provides decals to new clients.
  3. Less stress cat tip: 

Dogs are always ready to go with you, but as cats can quickly dart plan to confine them in one area, then scoop up the most savvy first.  With time of the essence, prepare ahead a grab-n-go container with any necessary items for you and your pets.


how my pets are evacuation ready

* Folder for each pet with photos, descriptions, chip #s, food & meds info, health records, veterinarian & 24-7 ER #s. 

* ​Large covered plastic bin filled with their supplies:

  • Bedding
  • Disposable litter pans & lightweight litter
  • Canned foods, opener
  • Portable water bowls
  • Plastic bags, paper towels
  • Calming anxiety items
  • Simple first-aid
  • Leash, collar, carriers