Proudly Established 1994

Pet Care MERIDIAN EAGLE BOISE Personalized Service

PawsWatch Professional Pet Sitting

PawsWatch ~ Meridian's 1st & Most Experienced Professional Pet Sitter!

Personalized Service

cat and kitten watching person

for pets

  1. Pre-visit:  this will help your pets feel comfort as they acquire my scent and sincerity
  2. Routine:  maintaining customary habits is ideal to help remove doubts about your actual return ​
  3. Nurturing:  one-on-one care is typically just what pets crave in your absence

for pet parents

  1. Trust:  no-charge home meeting - pets' routine and summary reviewed and completed
  2. Convenience:  no limited hours for drop-offs & pick-ups  
  3. Reasonable Rates:  determined by your vicinity - it's all about driving time; once I've arrived to enjoy the company of your pets, well that's pure delight... what I look forward to!
  4. Multiple Pets:  no extra charge - one family only 
  5. Security Respect:  no advertising displayed on pet sitter vehicle   

Daily Routine With Your Pets

paw in hand

everything your pets need...

1.  Plenty of Attention with consideration to pet preference

2.  Water change and refill into clean bowls - automatics become stale, electrics are fire hazard
3.  Feed as instructed by owner into clean bowls
4.  Litter Scooped for cats; Outside Potty for dogs
5.  MedicationsInjections & Special Care as outlined by owner
6.  MY Time is THEIR Time; visitations are for and with your pets, without interruption