Meridian, Idaho

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PawsWatch Professional Pet Sitting

Meridian's Pioneer for 'Professional' Pet Sitters- PawsWatch since 1994!

Meridian's Pioneer for 'Professional' Pet Sitters- PawsWatch since 1994!

Meridian's Pioneer for 'Professional' Pet Sitters- PawsWatch since 1994!Meridian's Pioneer for 'Professional' Pet Sitters- PawsWatch since 1994!

Very Caring Service

gold and white cat looking into the eye of a white horse

for pets

  1. Scent and Sincerity:  It is an absolute necessity for your Pets to acquire this during my introduction visit. It will provide them comfort  to realize I'm their friend. See more on CONTACT page.
  2. Customary Habits:  Maintaining routine is ideal in helping to remove any doubts about your actual return.
  3. One-On-One Personalized Pet Sitter Service:  Nurturing Attention is typically what Pets crave most in your absence.

for pet parents

  1. Reviews:  You will naturally wonder about this. See my Testimonial page for 'reviews'. PawsWatch Pet Sitting does NOT ask for client compliments... never have, never will. Nor do I pay a service for positive online reviews!  More important to me is the gratification I receive on a daily basis from my clients and Pets. 
  2. Trust:  During my no-charge home meeting You and I and your Pets will acquaint and develop trust. Your Pets' needs and your instructions will be fully reviewed and summary completed.
  3. Convenience:  With your Pets staying at home, you will not endure limited hours of drop-off and pick-up. And... they will be right there waiting when you open the door!  
  4. Rates:  Reasonably determined by your vicinity - it's all about driving time; once I've arrived to enjoy the company of your Pets, that's pure delight and what I look forward to!
  5. Multiples:  No additional charge for more than one Pet - within one family only. 
  6. Security:  With respect for your Pets and home, no vehicle advertising on display.
  7. Restrictions: 

  • Non-smoking homes only. 
  • Apartment dwellings ~ cats only

Everything Pets Need

running black and gold puppy

Basic Routine mingled with sweet talk...

1.  Plenty of Attention:  with consideration to pet preference of course

2.  Water:  change and refill into cleaned bowls - dispensers become stale, electrics are fire hazard
3.  Food:  disperse as instructed by owner into cleaned bowls
4.  Potty:  litter scooped -cats; outside -dogs
5.  MedicationsInjections & Special Care: as outlined by owner
6.  MY Time is always THEIR Time:  daily visits are for and with your pets... NO interruptions!