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History - 'Once Upon A Time'

it was a trip to canada

We sadly had to board our Golden Retrievers at a local kennel thought to be reputable. Everything seemed to be suitable when checked out beforehand. Goldens are happy about everything; however when we returned unexpectedly I cried to see the filth in the area where they were housed. Both pups were lethargic and unclean, and once home they could not get enough water. I would NEVER ever do that to them again! Unfortunately this boarding facility is still doing business in Meridian, well covering up several incidents.

I knew I had to do something for the sake of other pets. Having always pre-furred the company of animals to humans, and although not much was known about this offbeat little trade 1994 in our area, my inspiration could not have been clearer. I was about to venture into 'professionally' caring for pets in their THEIR OWN HOME!

finally a choice for pet owners

* At home pets would NOT endure drop-off stress to live at a busy commune feeling unsure if family will return.

* Pet parents would be free of inconvenience. 

* Caring for pets in their familiar comforts would be my dream!

WHAT A PERFECT MATCH. Clearly my idea didn't happen overnight; but when word did get out, PawsWatch took off in a BIG way!  I had found my calling and never looked back! I would establish an LLC business with no employees since my intentions were not about spending time overseeing others who would most likely not satisfy my expectations. After all, I'd founded PawsWatch not only to set in motion superior pet sitting, but to enjoy caring for pets all to myself!

keeping it my way

Founder, Owner, Caregiver... delighting in every minute of it! Since the birth of PawsWatch Pet Sitting, many have followed suit, in a less pet-focused means either by scaling into pet services big business, or as a hobby sideline. Both losing sight of PERSONALIZED pet care.  I feel proud to boast of continuing it MY way reaping such lovely rewards from genuine one-on-one pet nurturing... typically what Meridian, Eagle and Boise pets crave in your absence!


Meet My Loved Furs, Present and Now Resting