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PawsWatch History - 'Once Upon A Golden Time'

older golden dog face next to green bow

WHEN options were slim...

Oh how I hated having to lodge our Golden Retriever girls at a local kennel during travel to Canada. Rather than chance being rejected at the Canadian crossing, boarding was a necessity. 

After touring through a few kennel facilities I chose one that seemed suitable. Goldens are typically happy about everything, so once on the road our worry faded. THEN... upon our 'unexpected early return'... my sad eyes welled-up to see our dear lethargic unclean pups in their neglected kennel. (Unfortunately this facility continues to do business in Meridian, well covering up several incidents.) 

Once at home, both dehydrated girls drank a tremendous amount of water which helped to bring them out of confusion. It was so completely clear that NEVER AGAIN would I consider such a choice for any reason!

gray cat face peeking out from Christmas tree branches

Finally!!... An alternative FOR PET OWNERS!

It didn't take long at all to realize I had to do something for the sake of other pets! Not much was known in our area about this offbeat little trade 1994 but with my evident preference for pets to people, my inspiration could not have been more vivid... I was about to venture into'professionally' caring for pets in THEIR OWN HOME! 

... At home pets would NOT endure drop-off stress to live at a busy commune feeling unsure if family will return.

... Pet parents would be free of inconvenience. 

... Caring for pets in their familiar comforts would be ideal for them and for me... the PERFECT MATCH! 

Logically my plan didn't happen overnight; but when word did get out, ZAP! PawsWatch took off in a BIG way with all sorts of purring and waggings! I had found my calling and never looked back! A local LLC business with no employees was perfect since my intentions were not about finding the right pet caregivers and having to oversee them. After all, I'd founded PawsWatch not only to set in motion superior pet sitting, but to enjoy caring for pets simply all to myself!

golden dog face looking through green wreath with red bow

Keeping it My way!...

Founder, Owner, Caregiver... 

And still delighting in every minute of it! Since the 1994 birth of PawsWatch Pet Sitting, many have followed suit, but in a less pet-focused means either with a big-business goal, or as a hobby sideline. Most losing sight of PERSONALIZED professional pet care.  I feel proud to boast of continuing it MY WAY reaping the loveliest of rewards in keeping it genuine... pet nurturing one-on-one! 


Meet ALL of my adored furs, present now and those at rest...